Goulds Panthers Track Club practices at Goulds Park during the season. Conditioning, Form, Speed Camp are held at Lakes at the Bay Park in Cutler Bay.

Track Season


GP track season begin on the track December 23rd 2019 at 5:15 pm, Monday through Thursday.

The 2020 track season will be filled with a whole lot of excitement and expectations. Many of our athletes have participated in off season strength, conditioning and form training. As a result, these athletes are better prepared for a more competitive and rigorous training program on the track.

Conditioning Camp


GP conditioning Camp  begin August 2020 through December 2020

From 5:15 - 6:15 pm, Monday through Thursday.  

Camp will meet at:  Lakes at the Bay Park, Cutler Bay, Florida.

Conditioning, form, speed, and strength training are the foundation of our athletes performing at their best. "The trail begins here for all GP members. Before any athlete are allowed to participate in  competition they "must first"  be conditioned. After conditioning every athlete will be assessed to determine their best events for competition.


Mental training


Our approach to preparing our athletes is a holistic approach. We strive to develop our athlete physically, mentally and morally. We seek every opportunity to use words which will stimulate and inspire growth.

To this end, they are taught mental skills to enhance their abilities to focus, be disciplined, concentrate and to be competitive. Consequently, we expect each of our athletes to attend classes, achieve good grades, be honest and be respectful to others at all times.


Furthermore, they are taught faith. They are taught to believe in them-

selves and in God. They are taught they are unique with abilities to achieve whatever they put their mind and heart to accomplish.